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Experience Hassle-Free Blood Testing with Our 24/7 At-Home Services in Dubai

Going to hospitals or community clinics for a blood test can be time-consuming and stressful, especially for people who are nervous about blood testing in general or who have a busy work or life schedule.

You will feel more at ease and less anxious if you can perform a blood test at home. We provide most of the blood testing services requested by your doctor at home, from a simple culture test to a sophisticated cholesterol test.

Royal Premiere Health Care can make blood collection more convenient by simply coming to you to collect your blood sample. You can have your blood tests done at work or at home. Phlebotomy service is quick and easy, and it is completed when it is convenient for you.

blood test
blood test


Royal Premiere Health Care offers laboratory tests at home performed by professionally qualified and skilled experts in order to properly diagnose illness via various blood tests or phlebotomy. Our Blood Test at Home services are available 24/7 to provide prompt service and accurate blood test results.


Safe and Convenient

Patients can now have blood samples collected at home, which reduces the number of appointments needed for healthcare follow-ups.

Hygienic Service

With a home phlebotomy service, there is no need to worry about hospital cleanliness. Environmental cleanliness is critical in the prevention of health problems.

No Waiting Period

Patients in hospitals and clinics must wait for hours for lab tests. Depending on the test, the results could take anywhere from a few hours to several days. Furthermore, patients must stand in line to pay their bills.

Patients who use mobile phlebotomy services no longer worry about how long they will have to wait. They are not required to stand in long lines for tests or to pay their bills. Even if it is only one home blood test, patients can perform it in a relaxing environment.

What other services can we offer?

Physiotherapy At Home

Get it now so you don’t have worries and hassles of physiotherapy treatment.

IV Therapy

Home IV Therapy is a safe and effective alternative to in-patient care.

Home Care Nursing

We offer personalized attention to patients within the comfort of their home.

RT-PCR Covid-19 Test

Get RT-PCR Diagnosis in the comfort of your own home.

Medication Delivery

Home-based medication delivery benefits patients by reducing the time and cost for them.

Sick Leave and Travel Documents

We offer sick leave which serves as official documentation and also fits for travel signed by a registered physician.

Cost-Effective Blood Test at Home Services

Our blood test at home services are reasonably priced and provide accurate results for the correct diagnosis. Make an appointment and inquire about the cost of the necessary blood test in advance.

How Blood Testing Works At Home?

Book An Appointment

Visit our website to make an appointment for yourself or a family member.

Blood Collection at Home

Our nurse will arrive at your location with all of the necessary safety equipment to collect your blood samples.

The Result

Your lab test results will be delivered to your registered phone number or via email, depending on the tests performed.



+25% Discounts for all RPHC services excluding IV Therapy 

  • Individual Basic Offer: (5 packages +ECG) + (365 days doctor consultation) 
  • Family Basic Offer for 2 members: (2*3 packages ECG) + (365 days doctor consultation) 
  • Family Basic Offer for 4 members: (4*2 packages +ECG) + (365 days doctor consultation) 


+35% Discounts for all RPHC services excluding IV Therapy

  • Individual Comprehensive Offer: (5 packages +ECG) + (365 days doctor consultation) 
  • Family Comprehensive Offer for 2 members: (2*3 packages +ECG) + (365 days doctor consultation) 
  • Family Comprehensive Offer for 4 members: (4*2 packages +ECG) + (365 days doctor consultation)


The ROYAL PACKAGE FOR WOMEN is a comprehensive health screening package that includes 83 tests. The tests included in the package are: 

Complete Hemogram (28 tests) 

  • Liver Profile (11 tests) 
  • Lipid Profile (8 tests)
  • Renal Profile (6 tests)
  • Anemia Profile (3 tests)
  • Thyroid Profile (3 tests) 
  • Random Blood Sugar (RBS) 
  • Vitamin D Total
  • HBA1C
  • Inflammatory Markers (3 tests)
  • Vitamin B12 
  • Calcium
  • CA 125 (Ovarian Cancer screening) 
  • CA 15.3 (Breast Cancer screening)
  • Cardiac Markers (2 tests) 
  • RA Factor
  • Urine Analysis (11 tests)  



The ROYAL PACKAGE FOR MEN is a comprehensive health screening package that includes 83 tests. The tests included in the package are:

  • Vitamin D Tota
  • HBA1C
  • Inflammatory Complete Hemogram (28 tests)
  • Liver Profile (11 tests)
  • Lipid Profile (8 tests) 
  • Renal Profile (6 tests)
  • Anemia Profile (3 tests)
  • Thyroid Profile (3 tests) 
  • Random Blood Sugar (RBS)
  • Markers (3 tests) 
  • Vitamin B12
  • PSA Total (Prostate Cancer Screening) 
  • Calcium 
  • Testosterone
  • Cardiac Markers (2 tests)
  • RA Factor
  • Urine Analysis (11 tests) 

Is my health in good hands?

Licensed Doctors

Doctors on Call are verified and licensed medical professionals.

Specialized Care

It's never been easy to take care of your health. Here you can find the best professionals in the country.

Medical History

Doctors can keep track of your health issues, making follow-ups easier.


With the availability of blood testing in your home, you no longer need to worry about visiting a clinic or hospital. Simply Google Royal Premiere Health Care to schedule an appointment with us.

We keep our clients' information and medical records strictly confidential. Your personal information is only accessible to doctors and administration who work with our clients.

Blood tests cannot tell you whether or not you have cancer. However, some blood cancers may be detected if a complete blood count reveals abnormalities (CBC).

A blood test may reveal health issues such as heart or kidney disease. However, abnormal initial test results are usually followed by additional testing to help make a definitive diagnosis. Other tests may also be performed to determine the cause of the condition so that it can be treated properly.

Doctor On Call genuinely cares about its patients. That is why, following a doctor's assessment, we tailor individual plans for each and every person.

To determine the next steps in treatment and recovery, a complete diagnosis is performed in conjunction with an overall health and environmental assessment. Following that, our staff will provide you with the following:

Assessment of patients and his/her surroundings

  • Appropriate care plan
  • Information on available treatment options
  • Medical suggestions
  • Overall recovery objective
  • Medical necessities
  • Collection of Laboratory Samples
  • Medicine Distribution
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