Royal Premiere Health Care

Royal Check Up for Men - 64 Blood Tests

  1. Vitamin D total
  2. Vitamin B12
  3. Complete Hemogram Profile (21 tests)
  4. Average Blood glucose
  5. Hba1c
  6. Thyroid Profile
    • TSH
    • FT3
    • FT4
  7. Lipid Profile
    • Total Cholesterol
    • HDL Cholesterol
    • LDL Cholesterol
    • VLDL Cholesterol
    • Triglycerides
    • LDL / HDL Ratio
    • TCHO / HDL Ratio
    • Non HDL Cholesterol
  8. Liver Profile
    • Albumin Serum
    • Alkaline Phosphatase
    • Bilirubin Direct
    • Bilirubin Indirect
    • Bilirubin Total
    • Gamma Glutamyl Transferase
    • Serum Albumin / Globulin Ratio
    • Serum Globulin
    • SGOT (AST)
    • SGPT (ALT)
    • Protein Total
  9. Renal Profile
    • Creatinine
    • Urea
    • Sodium
    • Potassium
    • Chloride
    • Uric Acid
    • Urea OR BUN/Creatinine ratio
  10. Inflammatory Markers (4 Tests)
    • ESR
    • CRP
    • Fibrinogen
    • Ferritin
  11. PSA Total (Prostate Cancer Screening)
  12. Testosterone
  13. Cardiac Markers (2 Tests)
    • CK
    • CK-MB
  14. RA Factor
  15. Calcium

With the changing lifestyle and increased daily stress, we do not believe prevention is better than cure, but rather PREVENTION IS THE ONLY CURE. With negligence to health, we do not realize anything is going wrong with the body. That results in significant damage to our body and health. Most diseases are asymptomatic. They do not show any signs until the disease has flared up. At this stage, reversal or treatment of the disease may not be possible. So, it is better to be proactive with health and get a preventive health check-up regularly.

Royal Premiere Healthcare is here to help you reduce your risk of potentially falling ill. Royal Premiere Healthcare is now offering comprehensive health check packages that include pathological investigations that provide accurate and timely test results in the comfort of your home. All you’ve got to do is to book an appointment.

All our staff includes trained physicians, nurses, and customer service executives. They will guide you on what proactive measures to adopt to ensure your physical, emotional, and physiological wellbeing. We offer the best at-home blood test services in Dubai, UAE.

Thyroid Profile/Blood Tests:

All bodily processes are under the direct or indirect control of the thyroid glands. One should get a doctor on call and see a doctor if they see any deviations in their health. Left untreated, thyroid dysfunction can result in severe hormonal imbalances, irregular menstruation cycles, infertility, impotence, dry, brittle hair and weight loss. It may lead to distorted growth in kids.

Anemia Profile/Blood Test:

This examination evaluates serum vitamin B12, folate, and iron levels and vital blood markers that can assist diagnose anemia and reveal details about its possible causes.

Lipid Profile/Blood Tests:

The lipid profile displays the individual’s risk of a cardio-vascular incident and the state of their circulatory system. A cholesterol test is crucial because high cholesterol levels are a substantial risk factor for heart disease and frequently go undetected. High cholesterol can lead to fatty deposits in the blood vessels, constricting the blood flow passageway and limiting blood flow to the body’s essential organs.

Liver Profile/Blood Tests:

The liver profile aids in the diagnosis of liver issues brought on by various factors, including nutrition, medicine, alcohol, etc. Blood tests typically help to find liver damage or inflammation. Any abnormality should be reported to a doctor immediately and treated early to avoid significant problems, which may also include liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma).

Renal Profile/Blood Tests:

The Renal Profile examines the kidneys’ capacity to produce typical urine and filter dangerous chemicals from the blood. Also helps in reviewing dehydration issues. Any problem not treated right away can increase blood pressure and reduce the kidneys’ ability to function. Additionally, if untreated, it may result in the kidneys losing all ability to work.

Diabetic Screen Hba1c:

The HbA1c test provides a snapshot of the individual’s three-month average blood glucose profile. As a result, it turns out to be a crucial predictive test. A person with diabetes can live a full and normal life if it is detected early and treated. A delayed diagnosis can result from multiple significant consequences affecting the heart, kidneys, and brain.

Complete Hemogram Profile/Blood Tests:

The Complete Hemogram includes 20+ tests to provide a very accurate picture of the condition of the different blood cells. It aids in the detection of changes in both RBCs and WBCs. It aids in studying hemoglobin levels, which, if low, give you a pale appearance. The platelet count helps in analyzing to identify any bleeding issues.

Vitamin Profile/Blood Tests:

Vitamin D:

It is a crucial vitamin that plays numerous significant roles in the body. It facilitates the digestion of calcium from the diet. Vitamin D also has other vital functions, such as controlling cell development, immunological, neuromuscular and anti-inflammatory responses. A crucial part of vitamin D in development. Osteoporosis, hormonal imbalances (including irregular menstrual cycles and infertility), lowered immunity, and an increased risk of cancer are all possible effects in certain situations. Vitamin D insufficiency can is treatable., But it might take time for your body to operate normally again.

Vitamin B12:

B12 is crucial for metabolism. Vitamin B12 helps in production of red blood cells and the upkeeping of the central nervous system. Anemias, mouth ulcers, and skin texture irregularities can all result from vitamin B12 deficiency.