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IV Therapy

Sick of feeling under the weather? Struggling with a hangover? Need a little energy boost? We’ve got you covered! 

Our expert team is here to make your IV therapy experience quick, easy, and painless, so your body can get the hydration it needs to feel its best. With a variety of options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect solution. 

Book your appointment with us today and get ready to feel like a brand-new you!

A therapy that is safe, effective, and competitive. It uses natural minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that work in your bloodstream to provide comfort and relief.

Here, they naturally nourish and restore your damaged tissues and cells. IV therapy is appropriate for anyone who is experiencing fatigue, chronic stress, or sleeplessness. It addresses a wide range of issues and provides adequate nutritional values to help you grow and become more energetic.

Furthermore, it aids in weight loss, anxiety disorder treatment, and natural ache relief. Overall, it contributes to your overall well-being.

IV Therapy

Pills or IVs: Which Will Give You the Vitamin Fix?

Intravenous (IV) therapy is the most advanced method of delivering essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to the body. This method of delivery offers numerous benefits as the nutrients bypass the digestive tract, reducing the possibility of degradation and providing direct access to the bloodstream.

Why Choose Us for Your Wellness Journey?

Our team of experienced IV therapy specialists bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Through collaboration with leading compounding pharmacies and the creation of innovative solutions, we have helped numerous clients achieve optimal health. Our custom-made IV infusions are meticulously prepared and packaged in BPA-free glass bottles to ensure the purest, highest-quality drips at the most convenient time for you.

Home Safety

Comprehensive treatment of all medical needs as determined by a physician, including post-discharge follow-ups and other short-term nursing needs.

Quality Assurance

All of our professionals receive regular training courses to keep them up to date on the latest techniques and methodologies. To ensure the safety of our patients, we use packaged and sterilized kits for all of our treatments and IV infusions in Dubai.

Highly Convenient & Time Saving

You can save time and money by saying "no" to long lines, long travel times, and traffic congestion. Make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.


Our IV Therapy services are affordable and effective treatment. Make sure to call our team ahead of time to inquire about the IV Therapy cost.

Why Choose Our On Call Doctor Dubai Service?

Why settle for less when it comes to your health? With our “On Call Doctor “Dubai service, you can receive top-notch medical care right where you are – whether that’s at home, the office, or even your hotel. So why choose us? Let us convince you with the quality of care and convenience that we offer!

Accurate Diagnosis/Comprehensive Treatment

No matter what health care issue you are facing, our team will offer accurate diagnosis of a medical condition and help you step into the wellness world with our comprehensive treatment options.

Trustworthy DHA-Registered Team

We can offer you the services of highly experienced DHA (Dubai Health Authority) Registered doctors, general physicians, physiotherapists, and nurses. We care about your health the most, so we offer you nothing but the best health care services in Dubai.

24/7 Service

No one knows when a health issue arises. Thereby, we offer round-the-clock services to our patients. Regardless of where you are and what time is struck at the clock, you can give us a call, and we will dispatch our team to ensure your wellness.

Expertise and License

We have years of experience in assessing, diagnosing, and treating different health care issues, injuries, and problems. So, when you call us, you will have peace of mind that your health is in the right hands.



NAD is one of your body’s most important molecules and is present in every living cell.

In a living cell, NAD helps in cellular processes like oxidative phosphorylation and DNA repair. Also, NAD helps in ATP production and modulated gene expressions. Anti-Aging IV therapy boosts the antioxidant vitamin and mineral levels in your body much more effectively than oral supplements. Achieve a youthful appearance and improve overall wellness with our Anti-Aging IV Drip. 


Combat stress and improve overall wellness with our Anti-Stress & Antioxidant IV Drip. This infusion contains L-Glutamine and Caffeine, which help to decrease muscle damage, reduce recovery time, increase strength and endurance and shift metabolism from fat production to muscle development. It is designed to fight against oxidative stress caused by free radicals, and research has shown that raised glutathione levels decrease muscle damage, reduce recovery time, increase strength and endurance and shift metabolism from fat production to muscle development. 


Enhance your confidence and promote healthy hair growth with our Anti-Hair Loss & Regenerate IV Drip. This infusion contains a blend of Biotin, Zinc, and B vitamins, which are essential for hair, nail and skin health. The vitamins and minerals in this drip work together to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss, leaving your hair looking glossy, healthy and full. This drip is specifically designed to stimulate hair growth, giving you the results you desire.


Achieve a radiant and glowing complexion with our Skin Glowing & Radiant IV Drip. This infusion contains a combination of Vitamin C and Proline, which play a crucial role in detoxifying cells and eliminating heavy metals, toxins, and free radicals. The drip also helps to improve skin tone, elasticity, overall health, and luminosity. 


Cleanse your liver and boost your energy and memory with our Detox & Hangover IV Drip. This IV drip is an effective way to cleanse and support your liver against oxidative stress, especially after a night of drinking.


Stay fit, healthy, and energized during your gym time with our Fitness  

IV Drip. This infusion contains L-carnitine and NAD, which correct

chemical imbalances and regulate metabolism. The IV hydration therapy also includes electrolytes, B vitamins to boost energy levels, and glutamine which helps metabolize body fat and support new muscle growth. 


Improve your overall health and wellness with our IV Vitamin Mix. Unlike

Oral supplements, IV infusions are natural and have a 100% absorption rate of vitamins and minerals, as the infusion mix is delivered directly into your bloodstream. Our IV Vitamin Mix Plus+ and Regular options are designed to rejuvenate, energize, boost mood and immunity, improve hair growth and give you a glowing skin. 


Drip Hydration Energy Boost treatment includes a specially-formulated combination of IV fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants to combat the symptoms of fatigue and low energy. Our special combination of energy boost vitamins also enhances your mental clarity and overall performance. With busy schedules and the daily demands of life, it can be hard to feel energetic – especially for business travelers and athletes. 


Boost your immunity and give your body the energy it deserves. The high dose of Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Zinc in this IV therapy work together to increase resistance against most pathogens, making it an effective way to improve overall health and well-being. With a high dose of ascorbic acid, B vitamins, and magnesium as the main components of this IV drip, it’s tailored to provide the body with the essential vitamins and minerals required to boost the body’s immune system.



Restore balance to your body with our Female Balance IV Drip. This infusion contains a blend of high vitamin-mineral and magnesium which are essential in balancing hormones and dealing with PMS, painful periods, infertility, pregnancy, and weight issues. The fluctuation of sex hormones can affect magnesium levels, making women more susceptible to magnesium deficiency than men. This IV drip is specifically formulated to address these issues, providing your body with the essential nutrients it needs to achieve hormonal balance, and improve overall health and well-being.


Treat anemia and boost your blood levels quickly with our Blood Boost & Iron IV Drip. This infusion contains a concentrated dose of Iron hydroxide sucrose complex, which is a more immediate treatment than supplements or dietary changes. This drip can be especially helpful in situations where anemia is severe. The infusion also contains Vitamin C and Vitamin B12, which enhance iron absorption and support the production of red blood cells, as well as keeping the nervous system healthy. 


Improve memory and cognitive function with our Memory Boost IV Drip. This infusion contains a highly concentrated blend of multi-mineral vitamins that are essential for enhancing and boosting memory functions. This IV therapy is particularly effective in getting rid of Brain Fog, and research shows that B-12 can slow cognitive decline in people with dementia and early Alzheimer’s disease. The combination of vitamins and minerals in this drip is designed to support the brain and improve overall cognitive function, making it an effective way to boost memory and improve overall mental performance.


Maintain optimal blood sugar levels and prevent complications with our Diabetic Support IV Drip. This IV therapy is used to reduce high sugar levels and keep them within a healthy range. The infusion contains a high concentration of B vitamin complex, which is known to prevent microvascular complications of diabetes. This IV drip is specifically designed to support individuals with diabetes, by providing the necessary nutrients to help control blood sugar levels and prevent complications associated with diabetes.


Improve heart health and circulation with our Cardio Support IV Drip. This infusion replenishes the vital nutrients needed to maintain a healthy heart and circulation. The combination of vitamins and minerals in this drip, support multi-organ activity and enhance cell function, which is crucial for maintaining cardiovascular health. This IV therapy is tailored to support and nourish the cardiovascular system, promoting overall wellness and vitality.


Improve gut health and address various gut disorders with our Gut Cleanse IV Drip. This infusion provides essential nutrients and amino acids that are crucial for addressing disorders of the gut that lead to malabsorption of nutrients. It is designed to address concerns such as leaky gut syndrome, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), hypochlorhydria, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Celiac Disease, food allergies, and more. 

Is my health in good hands?

Licensed Doctors

Doctors on Call are verified and licensed medical professionals.

Specialized Care

It's never been easy to take care of your health alone. Here you can find the best professionals in the country.

Medical History

Doctors can keep track of your health issues, making follow-ups easier.

What should I do or prepare for my IV Therapy Experience?

Stay as hydrated as possible.

While some IV infusions, such as the vitamin-mix, are meant to rehydrate you, staying hydrated prior to your treatment helps make your veins more visible and accessible, making it easier to set up your drip. Because dehydration affects the visibility and accessibility of your veins, staying hydrated is one of the most important prerequisites for enjoying your treatment.

IV Therapy
IV Therapy

Make sure to eat before starting IV Therapy

It is critical to maintain optimal blood sugar levels prior to and during treatment. Some of the vitamins and minerals given to you during treatment may lower your blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Proceeding with your IV infusion treatment on an empty stomach may cause dizziness and is not recommended.

Stay Active

Do your arms appear more “vascular” than usual after a heart-pumping workout? Because as we move more, we generate more heat; the more heat we generate, the more our vessels dilate. Moving around prior to your vitamin drip appointment aids in the success of the IV treatment.

IV Therapy
IV Therapy

Breathe and Relax

Before beginning IV Therapy, you should relax and take a few deep breaths. This relaxes you and prepares your body for treatment.

Almost all IV after-effects are well tolerated, with only a few side effects reported. The puncture site is likely to cause pain or swelling.

To avoid future side effects, it is necessary to notify the specialist about any medications or specific ingredient allergies.

Yes, and it's free for IV Therapy package.

Please be guided that mandatory blood tests will be conducted before proceeding to the IV therapy session, in order to prepare and ensure the patient's health.

Our Doctor will assess you, review your medical history, and advise you on what IV Therapy you would need.

The IV treatment only takes about 45 minutes, during which time you can now relax at your own home.

During your initial consultation, our Doctor will be able to sit down with you and determine the best treatment plan for you. Many of our clients start with one IV and then return for more because they liked the effect.

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