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Get Accurate COVID-19 Results from the Comfort of Your Home with 24/7 PCR Testing in Dubai

What is the PCR Covid-19 Test?

A Covid-19 PCR test is used to detect SARS-CoV2 infection (the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease). This is a very sensitive test that uses PCR to look for virus RNA. The test can detect as few as one virus particle in swabs taken from inside the mouth or nose and is considered the most reliable test for Covid-19.

Furthermore, some clients must take the tests on a regular basis for a variety of reasons such as continuous travel, the nature of their job, or their physical condition; in such cases, it is always preferable to use the at-home PCR test service to reduce exposure at each testing center. We offer specialized support and services to those who perform Rapid or Express PCR tests on a regular basis. So, if you intend to take the tests on a regular basis, you will be given priority when the bookings are completed and the slots are assigned.

Doctor On Call

PCR Test Packages

VIP - PCR Test

Result In Just 3-4 Hours

Express - PCR Test

Result In Just 6-7 Hours

Normal - PCR Test

Result In Just 10-12 Hours

Benefits of RT-PCR Covid-19 Test at Home

Home Care

Tested in the comfort of the patient’s home


Service that makes it easier for family and friends to conduct PCR at home in Dubai.

Safe and Secured

Conducted with precautions for the safety of all patients and reduces to the public, ensuring their safety.


Book an appointment at your comfort.

Why Choose Us for COVID/PRC Testing at Home?

We are highly dedicated to the health and safety of our professionals, customers, and community. Our DHA-licensed doctors will arrive at your location wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE suits) to perform a Nasal Swab and provide PCR analysis. They adhere to strict guidelines in accordance with healthcare authorities’ protocols to reduce the risk of infection contamination. We also ensure that professional COVID-19 testing is performed in accredited and high-quality laboratories.


What other services can we offer with you?

Laboratory Examination


Get your blood test done at the comfort of your home.


Get it now so you don’t have worries and hassles of physiotherapy treatment.


Home IV Therapy is a safe and effective alternative to in-patient care.


We offer personalized attention to patients within the comfort of their home.


Home-based medication delivery benefits patients by reducing the time and cost for them.


We offer sick leave which serves as official documentation and also fits for travel signed by a registered physician.

Our certified laboratory conducts thorough examination of your nasal and throat swab sample with rapid turnaround time of as little as 5 hours, depending on service and location.

If you test positive for COVID in Dubai, you must isolate yourself for 14 days. You may wish to consult a doctor from the comfort of your own home. We offer a doctor-on-call service to you. To recover quickly, you can use our "Doctor Visit for Covid-19 Positive Patients at Home" service.

Please check the regulations of your arrival destination before travel since the travel requirement varies from country to country.

COVID testing is frequently painless. At its most painful, swab collection for the PCR or antigen test can be painful. The antibodies test necessitates the collection of a blood sample, just like any other blood test.

This will vary from person to person. If you tested positive and are still experiencing symptoms, you should isolate yourself. If you tested positive but did not exhibit any symptoms, you can choose to be released from isolation 10 days after the test.


Even if you tested negative, you could still be exposed to the virus, so it's best to follow safety protocols like social distancing and hand washing on a regular basis.

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