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When it comes to offering legal and legitimate documentation for a variety of situations, getting a medical certificate is crucial. The need for a medical certificate may arise for a variety of reasons, including absence from work, skipping classes at a university, being deemed “fit to travel,” or receiving reimbursement for event tickets purchased due to illness or an injury. Royal Premiere Health Care is here. 

Need to go back to Work or School?

Life can sometimes get in the way, and illness can be depressing. Very few people are able to live their entire lives without ever getting sick to the point of being unable to work. Sometimes you just need to take a few days to recover from an illness, whether it’s the flu, a job injury, a chronic sickness, a mental health condition, or another condition.

If an employee has been on sick leave, many businesses need a medical certificate from them. Generally speaking, this is implemented following two consecutive days of illness, though organizational regulations can differ. Students frequently need medical records if they miss deadlines for assignments or tests due to illness.

Sick leave is the most frequent reason for requiring a medical certificate. Our doctors will be pleased to make a consultation if you have a legitimate reason for feeling unwell while you are working or attending a course. They will examine you, make any required prescriptions, and provide you with a legitimate note that you may show to your school or employer.

Need to Travel?

When you have had a health problem or you are wearing a cast, your airline or travel insurance company may require a fit to fly certificate.This is to ensure that you are in good condition to fly. You must not be a risk to yourself or the airline by having you on a plane. 

How can I get Sick Leave or Fit To Travel Certificate?

A medical certificate must be accurate and not misleading when issued. Only those doctors may sign medical records that they firmly believe to be entirely correct.

The medical certificate must therefore be founded on information that the doctor is aware of. For confirmation that they are signing off on the right information, many doctors demand a consultation before issuing a medical certificate. This comprises both the practitioner’s personal observations and the patient’s information. A factual basis must support any medical claims made in the certificate.

Is my health in good hands?

Licensed Doctors

Doctors on Call are verified and licensed medical professionals.

Specialized Care

It's never been easy to take care of your health. Here you can find the best professionals in the country.

Medical History

Doctors can keep track of your health issues, making follow-ups easier.

What information has to be on a medical certificate?

Why Choose Our On Call Doctor Dubai Service?

You may get online doctor Dubai services from different portals, but we offer you premier health care services at your hotel, home, and office. And here are some good reasons to believe in our call a doctor Dubai service.

Accurate Diagnosis/Comprehensive Treatment

No matter what health care issue you are facing, our team will offer an accurate diagnosis of a medical condition and help you step into the wellness world with our comprehensive treatment options.

Trustworthy DHA-Registered Team

We can offer you the services of highly experienced DHA ( Dubai Health Authority) Registered doctors, general physicians, physiotherapists, and nurses. We care about your health the most, so we offer you nothing but the best health care services in Dubai.

24/7 Service

No one knows when a health issue arises. Thereby, we offer round-the-clock services to our patients. Regardless of where you are and what time is struck at the clock, you can give us a call, and we will dispatch our team to ensure your wellness.

Expertise and License

We have years of experience in assessing, diagnosing, and treating different health care issues, injuries, and problems. So, when you call us, you will have peace of mind that your health is in the right hands.


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